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Homeless Survival Supplies Year Round
As of September 2018, the Center4CE is working with a Faith-Based Organization and Arundel House of Hope, both in MD, providing survival supplies to those experiencing homelessness and engaging them in participatory transformative life/social skills retraining leading to their self-sufficiency.

IMAGE 1: Sample of Winter Care Kits. IMAGE 2: Sample of Summer Care Kits IMAGE 3: Sample of Ziplock Care Kits IMAGE 4: School Supplies & Backpacks

Youth Empowerment Update
As of September 2018, the Center4CE is working with ICUASD [the International Consortium of Universities for Africa’s Sustainable Development] in Nigeria to empower the marginalized by pooling and leveraging local resources, including Dangote Group’s Agricultural Project Finance Program. The concept being used for sustainably providing land-access to unemployed youth is Agricultural Land Banking. The same concept is being adapted to empower the marginalized, e.g., the homeless persons, substance abusers, former prisoners, etc., in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA.

IMAGE 1: Rice Field as a Community-Tool.   IMAGE 2: A Team of Trainees on the Field   IMAGE 3: In-Field Training using the Community-Tool   IMAGE 4: Bird Control in the Rice Field

Dangote Rice – Youth Empowerment
As of February 2018, ICUASD, in collaboration with Center4CE (USA), is supporting the National Association of Oduduwa Students to leverage Dangote Group’s Agricultural Project Finance Program. ICUASD’s leased 20-hectare irrigated land at the Ikere Gorge Dam, Iseyin LGA, Oyo State, is devoted to Youth Rice Production activities for as long as Dangote Rice Limited is the off-taker with its Paddy Supply Agreement in full force. The process-service being used is called Agricultural Land Banking, which is a development means being studied to sustainably provide land-access to landless and maginalized farmers. [Rice Field].

Passive Solar Dryer – Youth Empowerment
Center4CE (USA) and ICUASD are collaborating on fostering and promoting agricultural knowledge and/or technology transfer, an example of which is the displayed Passive Solar Dryer provided to encourage and engage a pepper-grower cooperative. The unique form and process of implementation involves using anchor-projects’ activities for learning / teaching, training, mentoring, conducting research, providing public services, and promoting relevant policy evolution. Center4CE’s similar project-organizations in the USA (e.g., aquaponics, mushroom farms, etc.) evolving from the conduct of “anchor-projects’ activities” are called Service-Tools in which faculty and students can be back office functions agents for relevant enterprises. [Passive Solar Dryer].

Cooperative Formation to Leverage Resources
Smallholder farmers need more than just good seed varieties, labor and tools to successfully and sustainably increase productivity and access markets. Center4CE (USA) is supporting ICUASD on the need for participatory and collaborative environment in which small-scale entrepreneurs’ groups / teams / cooperatives are the vehicle for knowledge-based cost effective procurement and distribution of inputs, including materials, equipment and technologies, and dissemination of technical and managerial advice and products / services. Two cooperative-groups were formed from the participants in the picture. [First Meeting Attendants].

Board Members – ICUASD
Center4CE (USA) is working with the Charles Odeyale Foundation for Community Sustainable Development, an Incorporated Trustees operating as the International Consortium of Universities for Africa’s Sustainable Development [ICUASD]. ICUASD’s inaugural members include Bowen University, Iwo; Bowie State University, Bowie, MD USA; Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu; Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife; University of Ibadan, Ibadan; University of Ilorin, Ilorin; University of Nigeria, Nsukka. [Representative Board Members & Staff].