Dear Prospective Corporate Partner,

Greetings from the Center for Community Excellence!

Thank you for taking the time to see how your corporation can make a difference in the lives of the poor and underserved. Your support is what enables the next generation of administrators, entrepreneurs, engineers, managers, technicians and scientists to develop the skills they need to transform their communities and the world for the better. We invite you and your company to learn more about our organization and program-services through this booklet and to join us in fostering excellence, innovation, and sustainable development through our university-partners.

We are committed to Higher Education-Led Private Public Partnership (HELP3) on Strategic (planned / deliberate) Developmental Scholarship (SDS). SDS is a unique form and process of individual, organizational and institutional capacity building, mapping and utilizing. It concerns using entity-in-situation action research projects’ activities for teaching / learning, training, conducting research, and providing public services simultaneously. At the community level, we service national vision for administrative, entrepreneurial, managerial, scientific and technological excellence. At the university level, we share professional global interaction and prepare students for exciting lives of civic commitment. By encouraging networking with professionals and learning and applying acquired skills, we hope to achieve our goal: aiding in the development of exceptional patriots who can powerfully counter poverty and its various manifestations and make a positive impact now and in the future.

Our HELP3 on SDS concept deliberately focuses on agriculture, education, energy, and water, and their application as Facility- and Service-Tools. Distinguishing features of this concept include professional development for a diverse range of stakeholders from board members to landless farmers from each participating communities and organization; structured time for the stakeholder teams to create a plan that addresses a pressing community issue with the help of faculty-coaches; and annual Alumni Meetings where teams of alumni from all communities and organizations come together in one large cohort to report on their progress and discuss new challenges. This would provide opportunities for staff and faculty of university-partners to interact with a diverse range of stakeholders, collect longitudinal data on capacity building, continually improve the development process-service based on participants’ experiences, and contribute to the theory and practice of HELP3 on SDS as an alternative to traditional community development.

We encourage you to read the detailed descriptions of our process-services to see how they help foster students’ patriotism, creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills. Our sky-high ambitions require financial support and without the generous donations from companies such as yours, we would accomplish nothing. Remember that your donation is tax-deductible. By supporting us, you are not only aiding future leaders, but will advertise your company, and have access to one of the world’s richest pools of young professionals. We appreciate all levels of sponsorship; whether your company is willing to contribute money, supplies, or time to come meet with our future leaders.

Thank you again for your time and generosity. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



Charles O. Odeyale, PhD
Executive Director

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