Our Mission


  • Assist in building or improving and mobilizing entity capacity for better and continual improvement of community sustainable development and poverty alleviation initiatives.
  • Assist in developing and advancing the practice of sustainability  through Higher Education-Led Public-Private Partnership (HELP3) on strategic developmental scholarship (SDS). SDS is a unique form and process of individual, organizational and institutional capacity building, mapping and utilizing – using operations’ activities for teaching / learning, training, conducting participatory action research, and providing public services.
  • Advance the Ten Principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact within our sphere of influence.
  • Operate independently and collaboratively to foster community development and poverty alleviation locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Provide facilities and amenities which promote SDS innovations, afford solace, and contribute to improving the productivity, health and surety (i.e., safety and security) of communities and ecosystems.